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Our Work is Possible Thanks to Donors Like You

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Do you remember the first time you walked to school?

"In first grade I began walking to elementary school with my older sister. We would meet our friends at the corner down the hill from our house. I remember laughing, sharing jokes, racing to the end of the block, breathing fresh morning air." - Julie Toledo

Having that time to connect with family and friends is precious, especially now in today's fast-paced technologically-dominated society, we are physically isolated more and more from our community.

Did you know that in 2009, only 13% of children 5 to 14 years of age usually walked or bicycled to school? Compared to 1969, 48% of kids walked or biked to school! This drop in physical activity negatively affects our health: emotionally, physically, as well as the health of our Earth. Walk & Bike Mendocino is working to change this, by encouraging active transportation through our Drive for Safe Streets advocacy, organizing educational classes to students and adults, and collaborating with the community on transformative events.

Our mission is to create happy, healthy, and connected communities by making it easy to walk and bike.

In 2018, Walk & Bike Mendocino:

  • Educated over 2000 students through our Safe Routes to School program, with 14 2nd Grade Pedestrian and 4th grade Bicycle Safety Education Classes
  • Walked over 150 miles through our countywide Walking School Busses
  • Distributed over 300 helmets and held 25 Bike Rodeos, teaching the next generation of cyclists the skills needed to ride a bicycle safely.

With your support, Walk & Bike Mendocino can reach more kids, our future generation of walkers and bikers, and provide Safe Routes to Schools education at more schools throughout the county.