Give today to provide a weekly set of meals to people in health crisis. image

Give today to provide a weekly set of meals to people in health crisis.

Your contribution also means that teens will have a meaningful way to learn life skills, practice leadership, and build compassion and connection to their community

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Food is Medicine

The Caring Kitchen Community (YOU!) makes an immediate impact in people's lives:

+ Diane lives alone, and is scheduled for a mastectomy in two weeks. She signed up to receive meals from the Caring Kitchen so that she could be as healthy as possible going into surgery, and because she knows that she'll be tired and not able to move around much after surgery. These Caring Kitchen meals will support her during her recovery.

+ Maritza had a cousin who passed away from cancer. She is a teen and wants to do something to honor her cousin's life, and to give back to others who are fighting cancer. Maritza began volunteering in the kitchen two months ago, and she's excited to share that now she's cooking some of the Caring Kitchen recipes at home for her family.

+ Jorge recently had a heart attack. He and his wife know that eating more vegetables, whole grains, and a low-sodium diet will help him stay healthy, but they don't always feel like they have enough money to buy quality food. They signed up for the Caring Kitchen meals to experience a new way of eating and to learn how to incorporate affordable healthy ingredients into their diet.

+ Sandra began radiation treatment for her cancer a few weeks ago. She has started losing too much weight and her doctor referred her to the Caring Kitchen. With healthy, prepared meals readily available, it will be easier for Sandra to try and eat more often, and for her husband to get some respite and peace of mind.

+ Jacob is a teen who was looking for a way to learn job skills and do his required community service assigned by his teacher. He began volunteering at the Caring Kitchen, and quietly participated for many weeks. Lately, he's been coming out of his shell more and more, creating new relationships with other volunteers, and taking the lead on preparing some of the week's recipes. He reports that he has decided he wants to be a chef and plans on taking culinary classes at Mendocino College.


Access to nutritious, organic food is key for creating a healthy community.

We believe that Food is Medicine.

Authentic youth engagement, skill building, and leadership development is also key for creating a healthy community.

Your contribution creates access and strengthens the health and wellness of Mendocino County.